Payot Luxury Skincare: Why it’s Our Go-To Brand

At Alysium Day Spa, our effective beauty, skin and body treatments are formulated with a balance of excellence and quality. In order to provide high-end treatments that address the concerns of our clientele, we choose to align ourselves with brands and products that share our commitment to innovation. That’s why we use Payot Skincare.


Premium Products and Innovative Formulations


Our choice to utilise and stock Payot Skincare was simple. An established, reputable and high-end luxury skincare brand, Payot Skincare formulates products with premium ingredients designed to produce visible results and benefits. Established in the 1920s and developed by Dr. Nadia Payot, all products are formulated with a blend of natural ingredients and scientific research. Relaxing, pampering and luxurious, we use Payout Skincare across a wide range of our facial and skin treatments and offer take-home products available to purchase.


An Understanding of Excellence


Alysium Day Spa treatments are all about excellence, effectiveness, and pampering. Not only relaxing and calming, our treatments are centred on producing lasting results that enhance the quality and appearance of your skin. Payot Skincare shares our commitment to excellence, making them the ideal brand to stock in our day spa. Centred on helping clients achieve and experience excellence with their skincare routine, Payot Skincare products allow clients to maintain and extend the benefits of spa treatments at home.


Experience Payot Luxury Skincare in Sydney


The Payot Skincare brand is underpinned by a philosophy of excellence and quality. Combined with the idea of Dr. Nadia Payot’s physical culture – exercises and movements for maintaining the youth and quality of skin – Payot Skincare is trusted by luxury spas, perfumeries, retailers, beauty institutes and pharmacies. Payot Skincare goes deeper to actively enhance the skin. With trained therapists around the world, Payot Skincare has revolutionised the skincare industry.


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Take care of your skin from the inside out. At Alysium Day Spa, we offer a wide range of facial and body treatments centred on addressing a variety of skin concerns and requirements. Utilising and stocking luxurious Payot Skincare products, maintain and extend the results of your spa treatments and give your skin the nourishment and care it deserves.


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