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Decrease the effects of Jet Lag with a Massage

Long haul flights take you off to far flung corners of the world, experiencing exciting new cultures and breathtaking sights. But the one down side is the dreaded jet lag, which can disrupt your body clock on a major scale.

You may experience fatigue, digestive upsets, nausea, insomnia, memory lapses, swelling of the joints, irritability and lethargy. Feeling like you need a holiday after the holiday, can put a major dampener on your return to reality and leave you wondering was it all worth it?

Luckily recent studies have shown that massage has the power to put a spring back into your step and reduce the effects of jet lag. Massage has many benefits and can help you recover after the long haul flight, instead of you having to resort to sleep medication and excessive amounts of caffeine to keep you awake.

What is Jet Lag ?

We all have a circadian rhythm that our body is tuned into in the country we live, including being tuned into the time of sunset and sunrise. When we travel across multiple time zones, this rhythm is thrown right out of whack and can take some time to adjust to the new zone. Your core temperature will also be upset and it’s said it can take one day for every time zone crossed for your body to adapt.

How does massage decrease the effects of Jet Lag ?

Taking a vacation can be stressful to plan if you go long haul and you may have to struggle through days of jet lag. A massage will stimulate the lymphatic system and reduce the effects of fatigue, bloating and muscle aches.

A massage can revive the senses, help your body to relax and stimulate the production of mélatonine needed to promote healthy sleep cycles, thus helping you to adjust to a new time zone quicker.

Which massage is best for Jet Lag ?

Swedish and deep tissue massages will loosen tight muscles caused by sitting for long periods and carrying heavy luggage. Consider having essential oils added to your massage which will help to stimulate the lambic system which in turn regulates blood pressure, stress levels, digestion and the immune system.

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