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Rejuvenating Collagens

Your face is the window to the world, constantly in contact with the environment and being in use expressing your constant emotions. But despite the hard work of this part of our body, the majority of us don’t take proper care of it or reward it for all its efforts.

Alongside your daily cleansing and moisturising routine, a facial can be a beneficial treat for the skin keeping it smooth and even boosting collagen to reduce fine lines. A regular facial treatment will also increase oxygen to the cells, flush out toxins and help to reduce blemishes giving a more youthful appearance.

What to Consider Before Choosing a Facial

There are many types of facial to choose from, so consider the variables to get the right one for you. If you struggle, consult a therapist at your beauty salon to guide you.

  • What is your desired outcome? Do you want to reduce fine lines/blemishes, unclog pores, soothe and balance the skin, refresh and revitalise or get deep moisturisation? Decide on your goal and select which facial will reach your objective.
  • What experience do you want? Some might want to eradicate fine lines and don’t mind going through a few unrelaxing procedures, but others might want to fall asleep to whale songs while having a facial massage.
  • Is your skin dry, greasy or combination? Your skin type will greatly determine what facial you should have. Consult with a therapist before you book any treatment.
  • Does your skin have any sensitivity? Maybe you have acne, rosacea or an allergy towards certain chemicals? Discuss this with a therapist to work out your best options.

The Rejuvenating Benefits of a Facial

Facials have a host of benefits for all types of skin. Treat yourself to a facial pampering and watch how happy your skin becomes.

1. Pores get deep cleansed.

Daily washing of the face will sometimes not get deep into those pores. Ingrained dirt can clog up these pores creating an overflow of sweat and reddening.

2. Improves circulation.

Most massages include a relaxing massage which helps to stimulate circulation. This will relax you and give you that healthy glow.

3. Eradicate blemishes and reduce fine lines.

Years enjoying the sun can cause sun-spots and of course as we age fine lines can start to creep in. The right facial can correct these and plump out the skin, improving the appearance of fine lines.

4. Look younger.

Many skin facials will tighten up the skin and give a clearer appearance. Say hello to younger more vibrant skin!

5. De-stress and take time to relax.

Today’s busy life means we rarely take time out to look after ourselves. In a facial, you can close your eyes and relax while the therapist takes away your stresses for the hour.

Take time to pamper yourself once in a while and reward your skin for what it goes through. Contact the experienced team at Alysium Spa on 02 9273 8808 to book in for a relaxing spa facial.