Alysium Day Spa takes price in the quality of services we provide.   But we would not be this exclusive, if it wasn’t for the professional and personal care of our Team of Therapist.     Allow us to introduce “The Alysium Team” in brief…..




<< ALFONSO / Director: Alfonso has been in the industry for more than 25 years. With a core knowledge as a Shiatsu practitioner / teacher, along with business, retail, marketing and a hospitality background. Alfonso has successfully lead Alysium for the passed 20-years. His advise! Dedication, passion and a believe that success is about what you do for others. Link Consultancy

< HAYLEY / Spa Manager: The self proclaimed best employee ever, has worked at Alysium Spa for over 5 years and has been a beauty therapist for over 6 years. She loves treating people to relaxing experiences. And Facials are her specialty. Her other passions are Surfing, Triathlon and to giving Alfonso headaches.



hollie  photo

Georgia<< HOLLIE / Receptionist: One of the most friendlies receptionist ever. We have known Hollie since her work experience days. This young lady has come a long way. Her dedication to beauty and health industry has taken her to TV interviews, front cover of fitness magazines and so on.

< GEORGIA / Receptionist: Our newest team member is highly professional, dedicated and there is nothing Georgia can not organize for our clients. Georgia’s hospitality and fitness industry background has already made her an asset to Alysium Spa.




susan soElena 3<< SUSAN / Senior Therapist / Body-worker: Susan brings to Alysium years of experience on the art of well-being and Massage. Her knowledge in Remedial and Deep Tissue are exceptional, combine her personal touch at what she does and you are looking at a Wow factor therapist. And because of this we are super happy to have her on board.

< ELENA / Receptionist / Therapist / Body-worker: Elena loves traveling and the art of self expression. Trained in Italy, we are glad we have captured her here at Alysium Spa. Elena’s Spa treatments and bodywork are to die for. Her style and depth are truly of international recognition. I think in this picture she is planning her next tip….



Flaminia 2

eben<< FLAMINIA / Spa Beautician: Flaminia really knows her stuff. Trained as a beautician. Consider her years of experience with total attention to detail and you get great therapist. This is why her clients keep coming back to see her.

< EBEN / Therapist / Body-worker: This scruffy / quite looking young man will deal with your problem areas in a way that is hard to come by these day. His level of body mechanic and deep tissue knowledge will take you to a level that you may have not experience before. Hope you get a chance to meet him.




SiwaMee<< SIWA/ Spa Therapist / Body-worker: We all know Siwa as the quit achiever. A true Spa Therapist. Siwa will Clay you, Scrub you and turn you a few times over. And at the end you would come back for more and more. Her treatments are sublime and totally addictive.

< MEE/ Spa Therapist / Body-worker: Mee has been in the Spa industry for over 7 years. Body Scrub and Clay Wraps are one of her favorite treatments. Now ask for a Thai style massage and Mee is there in a heart-beat. A great Spa therapist with great body-work skills and that is a perfect combination.





Alfonso<< ANGELA/ Massage Therapist / Body-worker: Angela will deal with your tension, muscle structure and general well being in a way that will make you go Wow !. Years of experience as a Remedial and Deep Tissue therapist are her strengths.

< HIDEO/ Senior Therapist / Body-worker: Hideo has been a massage therapist since he was born. Our most senior therapist comes with deep Japanese rituals, he brings to Alysium a ton of experience. Well knowledged in all forms of bodywork. He specializes in Shiatsu, trigger point and remedial therapies. And comes highly recommended.




IMG_3861Rosetta<< DEE / Spa Therapist / Body-worker: Dee has been a therapist for 3 years and has been working at the Alysium spa for nearly all this time. Dee is a strong therapist and is very good at Deep Tissue. She enjoys helping people relax therefore enjoys treating people to the Aromatherapy Massage as people float out of the spa after this treatment.

< ROSETTA / Senior Therapist / Body-worker: Rosetta will engulf you from the moment she says hello to you. Her strengths are Remedial, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and intuitive treatments. She is simply exceptional. Rosetta has an outgoing bubbly personality. But inside that massage room, her transformation to the therapist sent from heaven is cereal. Rosetta has been with Alysium for over 10 years. She is passionate, dedicated but mostly caring.




Therapist’s Pick

Jet-Lag Treatment

Recommended simply because our Therapists see the profound benefits to sublime and relaxing treatment. I deal not only suitable for for the tired traveler, but for the busy city goer.

Hot Stone Treatment

Because you get the best of both worlds. The infusion of our Aromatherapy pre-blended selection and the depth of the magnificent Hot Stones that work to your core. Leaving you relaxed and knowing that you have had a treatment worth coming back for.