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Sea Salt Body Scrub

Since the time of the Romans, salt has been used for many rituals. Salt is one of human’s essentials. It enhances food, preserves it and most important stimulates our senses. This logic is used when the application to the body. The skin absolves the salt embalmed with essential oils to complete the ………

I had the pleasure of having one of these Sea Salts Scrubs and it was the best thing ever. My skin so smooth and young again. The massage that fallowed super good. Great combo.

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Hot Stone Massage

Alysium’s popular signature treatment, this is a unique and deeply relaxing massage that will harmonize and balance your entire energy flow. Rejuvenating stones Malachite, Zinc and Black Granite, with their mineralizing qualities, will de-stress your body, stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation and increase cellular activity – resulting in a sublime sense of well-being.

A friend recommended to try a Hot Stone Treatment and she was right. It was the best thing ever. It blew my mind how this treatment can take you to a place of such relaxation. It is a Yes for me.

Recommended !

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Jet-Lat Treatment

This is a must-have treatment for weary traveler or the tired individual that needs a pick me up. This treatment brings your body, mind and soul back into focus with a powerful and vigorous fusion of Aromatherapy concoction. Hydrating gels and reviving oils, together with an invigorating massage are used to detox and awaken the body, whilst a scalp massage will re-balance and soothe. Oh Yea. Totally addictive.

A simple, soothing, relaxing, invigorating, muscle aching fixer-uper treatment that I recommend you have every day haha.

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Alysium Power Facial

This Facial is designed to achieve a fresh, clear and radiant complexion in one hour. This rapid treatment includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, facial steam and mask. This is our Therapists favorite Facial as it is not too short in length allowing all parts to be treated. An ideal Facial to have with a Massage of your choice. We will be using Payot, so you can be assured quality.

I have used other products in the passed, but Payot has made me a believer. Not to mention the Therapist working on me. And the use of the steam room before the treatment was good to open the pores. This was really, really nice.

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